Friday, July 02, 2010


I finally got around to scanning these two wonderfully retro pieces that have been laying around the office for almost a month now. The top is from one of our local bakeries that is just as stuck back in time as this label suggests. Komoda's has the distinction of being one of the oldest businesses in Makawao center. They used to cater to the GI"s back in the 40s when there were base camps set up all over upcountry Maui. You have to get there early if you want one of their delicious long johns or conn's favorite, the coconut danish. And when I say they are stuck back in time, I mean that in a good way. There are fewer and fewer places like this in the islands that are "living history" and have a certain charm in their no frills way of doing things.

The Ono Cones box is a great display of late 60s typography and the layered silhouetted background "landscape" is so simple and we love the colors. Unfortunately, it's ruined by what seems to be a haphazard addition of the pink "Sugar Cones" box. Which, by the way, is set in squished type... Typesetting design rule: don't squish type! Use a condensed font that is designed to be used in tight areas. And especially don't squish a serif font. How about the "12", fancy right?

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Kapuanani said...

Oh, I'm so very glad Komoda is still there and as old school as it was back in the early 80s when as kids, we would spend our allowance there on cookies and cream puffs.

I doubt it is what it was anymore, but have you heard the old stories about the Makawao dump?