Friday, July 09, 2010


Our old car was named Amy after Amy Sedaris...
this one is named Jerri in honor of her Strangers with Candy character, Jerri Blank.

John and I had lightly discussed trading in our car for a new one but never really did much about it. One day we were leaving Costco and I just happened to pick up a brochure on their Auto Program. John came home and reviewed it online, typed in our info and bam.. we got an e-mail from the Island Honda Dealer. We let them know what we wanted... something with a few more bells and whistles but not super fancy. This Wednesday we got a call saying they just received this brand new Charcoal Grey (or as they call it Polished Metal Metallic) Element in. We had an appointment in town on Thursday afternoon so stopped in and took it for a test drive.

There was nothing really wrong with our Blue Version but we thought let's just see what kind of numbers they come back with. The trade in value was quite a bit more than what we owed on the blue one and with the Costco deal as well as lower interest we ended up driving home in a new car with a lot of fun features. All for a much lower monthly payment.

See, you just never know how much money you can save by just stopping in and asking a few questions.

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, sparkly! i like it.

I thought of you two when I saw this post of Bill Horberg's blog.