Friday, August 27, 2010


Today finds us continuing our floral series. I had been waiting for the 2 Royal Poinciana Trees to be exploding with color and a few weeks ago they did just that. Right now they are all green with giant seed pods and by January the trees will be bare again. Stay tuned for purple soon. We have some real beauties getting ready to bloom.
The blooms of the Royal Poinciana look quite orange here because they are bathed in golden sunlight.
Royal Poinciana
Royal Poinciana 
Royal Poinciana petals
Royal Poinciana detail
Crown of Thorns
Red Hibiscus
Hanging Heliconia
Hanging Heliconia
Various Heliconia
Red Hibiscus
Red Ginger and Begonia
This is called a Red Canna Lily, but it's not a lily at all. The seed pods to the right dry up and inside are small perfectly round black seeds. The seeds drop to the ground and produce more and more and more cannas. The seeds are used for jewelry as well as 'uli'uli.

2 comments: said...

wow. Nice work with those "arrangements"thats the French pronunciation. My only wish for you is CARNATIONS. They are the future.

Miss you much and lots of love from CHELSEA ( eew.)

Conn said...

aloha billy,

Actually they do grow carnations up the mountain where it is a bit cooler and away from the salt air. They are big in the lei making market. I for one have never been a fan of carnations... I think it's because there are so many dyed versions of them... i prefer natural and loathe a blue or turquoise dyed carnation. MON DIEU!!
Miss you too. Say hello to Miss Chelsea pour moi.