Sunday, September 26, 2010


In order for us to be able to get the lawn mower into the shed, we need a ramp... so we built  one using the last few boards of composite decking and some paver that were laying around from when we bought the house.. We actually have one 9 foot piece left which will come in handy if we need to make any repairs.
Pavers in place and leveled for ramp joists. 
Ramp joists in place.
Blocking added for stability.
We added a strip of that sticky-backed felt and tar material which helps stop water from entering the wood joists via the screw holes. Water entering into the joists through the holes will cause the joists to rot. We also painted the small white sections of felt that would should through decking green.
The final board had nowhere to be attached to... so we devised this. The last board that rests on the joists is attached to the board that meets the ground with 3 sections of decking underneath...
The double board is set into place and the ends of the joists lock into the grooves. The upper board is then secured to the joists with deck screws. 
Perfect fit... minus the foot.

Once in place we added gravel and a few composite deck blocks for extra stability of the lower board.

As you can see the siding is also on... look for that in the next post.


Mimi Pond said...

When are you coming to do all the improvements at my house?

Conn said...

I've gathered a team of specialists and we should arrive any second.knock knock

Anonymous said...

Cute!! That is the Barbie Dream House of :) I luva it.

Also, way too good for tools!

that has guest house written all over it. Hey, it's about the size of a $300,000 manhattan studio apartment.

Lordy, I envy your lawn mower.

Conn said...

everyone says that diane.. but it has no electricity... or plumbing. candles and a garden hose would do no?

Dandy said...

uh, yeah, ok, maybe it's not the hilton , but it sure is cute. :)