Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Despite the fact we have not posted about the shed in awhile we have been working on it, along with our regular design work. Last week we managed to get the facias, perlins, roof and siding on. So that the post won't be too long, I am focusing this post on the roof. It's really shaping up to be a cute shed and the fact that it is 95% recycled is still a miracle to us.

Here you see how we added the facia to the joists. The facia's are the outer boards around the joists... this front board will be where the gutter gets attached. We clamped a small piece of wood to the front facia to hold one end of the side on and in place while the opposite end was nailed on.
John attaching the opposite end of the side facia to the back facia.
Facia's in place, we are now ready to attach the perlins that will sit on top of the joists.
2x4 perlins run along the top of the joists in the opposite direction. The roof will get nailed to these perlins which also create more stability to the structure.
Here I am attaching the perlins to the outer edge of the back facia.
Here I am installing small 2x4 blocks between the perlins, otherwise there would be a 1-1/2" space between the roof and the joists. The 2x4 blocking will hopefully keep out unwanted wasps, and other critters.
All perlins in place and ready for the metal roofing.
We have 2 types of metal that were used on the last roof. Here you see the galvanized sheet. The other is aluminum. We found out that the aluminum and galvanized should not be used with each other as they will cause the galvanized to rust... as you can see on the right end. we need to do a combo again unless we wanted to buy more roofing... so it is a bit of a patchwork. The sheets were not long enough to use whole so we decided to gut off the rusty bits.
Here you see where the galvanized will overlap the aluminum. So what we did was adhere a sticky-backed tar roofing material where they would touch. Hopefully this will prevent accelerated rusting... if any.
Roof is on and ready for siding.
How cute is this garden shed under the swaying palms?
Here is a shot looking from the office out t the shed.

Coming up next: The siding and entrance ramp.


Dandy said...

So cute! What are you going to use it for?

Conn said...

it's a garden shed.
lawnmowers, tolls things of that nature.
a place we can make a mess in and not care.
well... haha.