Monday, September 27, 2010


The siding has been on the shed for about a week now and we got most of the trim attached Saturday. We took Sunday off. All of the holes from the previous nails and screws have been filled putty, cracks and crevices filled with caulk and we are almost ready to paint... just as soon as we finish that trim work.

Mostly re-used siding with the exception of 3 new pieces we had left from the office build.
Mapping out the placement of the siding to make sure we use the tallest pieces on the back wall.
In some cases we had to piece together a few sections as seen on the left side. All of these seams will get covered with the trim.
That's a lot of putty and caulk.
I kind of love this mess of a wall... BUT I could never live with it. These were the test pieces we used when trying to determine the color for the office build which we talked about here in a previous post last summer.
We were lucky to have just enough full sheets of siding for the side-backs and back walls. The area around the window was pieced together.
Inside... soon to be painted all white.

Trim on... well missing the bottom band.
Once we get the last bits of bottom trim on and all the puttied holes sanded we'll be ready for paint.
I'm kinda looking forward to not working on it for a few days.

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