Sunday, September 05, 2010


As of Saturday evening we are right on schedule with the shed build.
All wall frames are up and Monday we will start the roof joists. Here are some pics of the framing form the last few days.

That pile of wood in the top image is the old walls from the previous shed. The old pier blocks to the right were used as the foundation.
In the second image, we laid out all of the walls to see just what we were working with. We managed to keep one wall intact and the rest we took apart and reassembled.

The west wall laid out and ready to be hoisted up.

West wall in place. Sliding barn door will go on the far right end and a window on the left side. 

West and north walls up. The east wall was put up in two sections.

Section one of the east wall with the window.

All four walls in place and braced. This front (east) wall we pretty much kept in tact from the original shed, we just flip flopped the window to the opposite end.

We have about 3 little blocks to add in the opening above the door on the south end. Double doors will go here with a ramp for the lawnmower. Tomorrow we will start the roof and HOPE to have that all complete by Wednesday. Then we start in on the siding and trim.... then paint... then?

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