Thursday, September 09, 2010


The last few days have been a bit slow on the shed project as we worked in the yard all day Monday and Tuesday we had friends visiting from the mainland. Yesterday we finally got to jump back on the project and were able to get all the roof joists installed.

The roof joists are laid out on the floor and prepped for installing.

Since the roof is slightly angled, the joists themselves needed to have the ends cut at a slight angle so that when installed the ends sat perpendicular with the walls. 

With all the ends cut... both ends... the joists are ready to go.

One down… 9 to go.

Joists done. Now we need to install blocking, the purlins that the actual metal roofing with attach to, the fascia and the actual roofing. Looks like is happening today... should the rain stop.  

Pretty darn cute huh? Hard to believe this is only 198 square feet.


Kapuanani said...

This looks great! I was just looking at and balking at the cost. While this is just a garden shed, it will still be helpful when we try and build our own office outbuilding. Mahalo!

Conn said...

ah yes... love modern shed...
and yes...on the pricey side.

they are super cute... but that $11.000 price tag is too much for a "shed". and for only 80 square feet???

mind you ours is not totally sealed off... but it's just a shed.

do you have plans to start an office building soon?

Amy Juanna Kapuanani Antonio said...

Ah, next year after the kitchen remodel - which is our current project. When the outbuilding is finished, I'll be doing all my graphic design work out there - and having no more excuses to work in my PJs.

Conn said...

ah yes... working in the PJ's... i thought the same thing... but the only thing that gets me out of them is a client or a friend coming over... and having to get in the car or yard work. at least my desk is not next to the fridge anymore.