Monday, October 04, 2010


Friday night we made our way to the Maui County Fair where we enjoyed some really good food, got to people watch and check out crafts and Orchidland. My main reason for going was the food and to take some pics of the rides all lit up.

Most important part of the fair is the food. John had the smoked meat plate while I had a the orange chicken pork lumpia and a corndog...
After that we shared a bag of sugary malasadas. These were not from Leonard's, but still good.

Ferris Wheel



Crafts were a bit odd. I did love the lei made form an old cut up dress. The miniature Christmas trees were rather peculiar… especially under that plastic shield.

We did admire the origami tree.

My favorite piece of art by a 4th grader.

2 beauties from Orchidland.

How does one judge mac nuts and sad wilted lettuce?

Juicy fruits.

Bamboo shoots and hot peppers. Still wondering how they come to a decision on best in show.

Fanciful feathered and furred friends. I fell so sorry for all the poor animals cooped up in tiny pens and cages.
So many people taking pics with the blinding flash right in the poor things faces was a bit upsetting. i used no flash and all was just fine. Why don't people think about this sort of thing?

After I saw these cute donkey's I begged for one. Not gonna happen I'm afraid. This cow was such a beautiful color.

Our last stop before heading home was for a bag of cotton candy and sugared nuts.
Oh the headache that followed.

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jon said...

always love a fair! great shots!