Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Better late than never... but it IS still Tuesday here in Maui.

Immature manila palm seed rack.

Immature seed rack and another about a month older.
These will eventually be about the size of crapes and turn a fiery red.

Two of our 5 manila palms that are just starting to put off seed racks.


Dandy said...

Hi Conn,
Thanks for your kind comments on my cloud pictures. I get teased a lot about them! But I lived in Manhattan for thirty years and never saw uninterrupted sky on a daily basis, so the clouds and sunsets just amaze me. I bet your shots must be really wonderful, as are the plants and birds. :) Next up for me will be the wonderful Christmas decorations on houses here.

Conn said...

TEASED? why teased? We stop everything around sunset and take them all in.. when we have sunsets. some days are just gray. I'll start posting mine soon then we can be made fun of together. i say they are all jealous!