Sunday, January 09, 2011


Rothko Sky - Sunset

As hinted in the Cuckoo Revue, we'd like to introduce our latest weekly post showcasing our spectacular Maui sunrises and sunsets. Since we stop to enjoy and photograph them just about everyday, we got the bright idea why not share them with all of you weekly rather than stockpile them until the Cuckoo Revue.  I am already having anxiety over not having a colorful sunset or too many. Sometimes we can go days and days without a vivid orange colored sky, but the heavy gray storm clouds and frosty blue skies are just as alluring. It's like having a living art gallery with a new exhibit daily. Who knows how many we will post on a weekly basis but it's safe to say between 1 - 7...  sometimes a cropped image and other times the whole shebang - every Sunday. This one is a bit late, but it is still Sunday here. Until next week...

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Anonymous said...

Wow! And I thought Savannah had good sunsets. We got nothin' on you guys. :)I love the grey ones and all the variety of color there can be. I look forward to Sundays.
Diane/Dandy (For some reason my google account doesn't come up at times.