Monday, January 24, 2011


The end of December we went shopping to our local SAVERS... sister store to Value Village... which I practically lived in back in Indianapolis. John had a coupon with 12 stamps on it that offered up a 30% discount as well as a coupon for $3.00 off any $10.00 purchase and he suggested we go shopping. I was rather shocked at this suggestion and took the offer to go shopping on December 30th, the day before they expired. Man am I glad we did?! We spent what seemed like hours perusing the shelves and when I came across a David Weidman print I rummaged the store one more time in hopes of uncovering another print or something just as fab. As luck would have it, I did find the Denby plate on that second scouring. We bought a few other things we have not pictured here, and nothing of real interest. John took $10.00 worth of merchandise and used his $3.00 off coupon while I took the "high ticket items" and used the 30% off coupon. I love saving money, but I love saving beautiful pieces of art even more. 


Not exactly who this piece was made by or when. With the honeycomb texture, matte finish and color we couldn't pass it up at $10 with the discount. If anyone knows anything about this piece I'd love to find out more.

This plate is by Denby and is from the ECHO collection which was produced between 1963 + 1974.
It is listed on for $39.99 and we got it for $3.50 with the discount. 

This David Weidman print - Flamingos Feeding - almost sent me over the edge. I knew what it was right away as I had been looking at the prints for sale on the artists website. I had also recently been in contact with his daughter Lenna about shipping pieces to Maui. It was $10.50 with the discount and goes for $250 on Weidman's Art website. As exciting as that was, I almost felt I was stealing it... committing some sort of crime if you will. This frame is not the best choice for the print, but maybe if we take the outer gold part off we might be able to reuse the wood portion. Perhaps a new coat of stain or paint might save it. I also sent images in an e-mail to Lenna the minute I got home... and she was delighted we had found the piece and gave it a loving home.

It is signed and numbered 38/400, but had been mounted with double sided tape that was leaving a nasty discolored mark along the top.

I took the print out of the frame and carefully removed the tape and residue by using a bit of steam and an X-acto knife. Now it's just waiting to be reframed... in something better than what it came in... maybe the old re-worked frame?

We had know about David Weidman for sometime but last summer our friend Parnell sent me a link to an article in the LA times about a resurgence in his work. In fact Urban Outfitters had a few pieces they were selling, so when john was in NY I had him pick up these 2 pillows. David Weidman also has a book of his work out that we hope to be adding to our collection soon.

Where do I begin with this piece? At first we picked it up for the obvious reason... the orange and white frame. We didn't really have a love for the charcoal drawing of the poodles by Richard Priest and were going to get rid of it, but it's growing on us. I love his signature and the frame shop label on the back of the frame.

Then there is this prize. We couldn't pass it up at $1.99 plus the discount. John really wanted it for the packaging, but the caddy really is quite useful.


Parnell Corder said...

Look at how much you saved!

Conn said...

There it is...

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

That David Weidman print is off the charts. Might be the deal of the century...even though we're fairly early on I think it might stick!

jon said...

that weidman is such a score! I'm actually going to the weidman studio next week- so.excited!!!