Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Top: April 6, 2010
Bottom: March 12, 2011

During mom and grandma's recent visit, we took a drive around the back/south flank of Haleakala via Kula, `Ulupalakua and Kaupo then Kipahulu, Hana, Ke`Anae then back home. This is usually the opposite direction to travel when making this drive... but I enjoy this route a little more. You never know what the scenery might look like at various times of year or if we have had a wet or dry season.

This past winter (2010) the island experienced much wetter conditions than last winter (2009). As you can see from the image above, April 6, 2010 was very brown and crispy whereas this past March 12, 2011 was vibrant green… just about a month shy of a year to the day.

Brighter than bright greens and blues.
John standing on the cliffs edge taking in the view of the snow capped peaks on the Big Island. You can just make out the peaks in upper left of the the top part of this image… in the line of clouds just above the horizon. Detail of snow capped Mauna Kea (above cloud line) and the lower peak of Kohala.

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